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Recruiters: Privacy & Control

The Portal works with three Accounts: Candidates, Business and Recruiters. Accounts of the same type cannot see each other.

Having a Recruiter Account, another recruiter or company cannot view your Profile and your job vacancies. Candidates only have access to your job vacancies.

Thus, the privacy of your Candidate Accont is guaranteed and the data is protected.


All Accounts have a Menu where you have full control of what is published. Therefore, you can publish job vacancies and only edit the ones created by you.

This Menu even allows you to deactivate your Account without having to delete it completely.

Being a Recruiter, it is possible to view Profiles of the candidates who answered to your job posts. 
Recruiters: Search & Save

On the Portal you can configure what you want to find when you log into your Account. In your feed, you can also do an advanced and a general search.

All the above searches work as layers that can be interchanged as you wish. Thus, the results can be almost infinite.


It's a natural thing to find Candidates during your journey on the Portal.

Therefore, you can save these Candidates in case you want to know a little more later.
Recruiters: Jobs & Candidates

Published through a specific form, all job vacancies have the same layout. This allows you to publish a job vacancy very quickly.

You can also use a job vacancy as template to publish another. Imagine the amount of time you will save…


Candidates respond to your job vacancies through "easy-apply". If a candidate withdraws his candidacy, his name will no longer appear on the list.

To speed up the analysis of candidates, the possibility of exporting the list of candidates to Excel is being studied.
Recruiters: Messenger
When looking for Candidates, you always find one Profile of your interest.

On the other hand, when you post job vacancies, you want to talk to one of the Candidates who answered.

HoneyComb offers a Messenger for both situations.

A Recruiter can also be contacted by an Applicant who has questions about a job vacancy.